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July 19th, 2011

Karina Bradley LIVE Performance July 30th in Southampton NY with Papoose & TF MAfia


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September 21st, 2010

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ – Recording Artist Karina Bradley also known as “KB” has released her music video “Everybody Knows.” The video features Brooklyn Rap Stars, Rab, Po Stone, SK Tha Don, Paulee Zance of TF Mafia as well as Papoose. The Music Video has been released online to YouTube, www.Forbezdvd.comwww.thisis50.com andwww.WorldStarHipHop.com.  The video has gotten a HUGE Buzz. World Star Hip Hop alone has OVER 3.1 Million Views on the 1st day it premiered! Rab, CEO of TF Mafia is currently in negotiations with MTV for airplay.
For more information check the web address below.
Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/karina-bradleys-everybody-knows-music-video-featuring-papoose-and-tf-mafia-broke-over-31-million-views-on-world-star-hip-hop-in-less-than-24-hours-103434629.html

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May 9th, 2010

I had the most amazing time at The Bowery Electric performing at the  Fashion Underground event with Natasha NYC. Being in New York is always inspiring and I love the energy that surrounds the city…It is also the location of my next music video…but more on that later! I am waiting to get the official video back from Augustus Films and for the images to come in from the photographers, but as soon as they do I will post them here :) If you cant wait and want to see them now, join my face book fan page.

There are a lot of up coming events for me in the next few months, one of which I mentioned above… a music video shoot in NYC with TF Mafia & Papoose! We are scheduled to film in early June, and we will be looking for extras! This is your chance to be in a major music video!! Details on the open casting are coming in the next few days.


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February 2nd, 2010

Hey Everyone,

I am at the studio right now working on finalizing my vocals for the remix to “Everybody Knows”.

“Everybody Knows” was originally done by TF Mafia and Papoose and they asked me to be on the remix!

I’m in the studio with LA Dubb of Phoreground Studios right here in Philadelphia working to finalize everything! It is coming out great!

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December 30th, 2009


Here’s an awesome video of my friends and fans at Club Avion in Brooklyn, NY. We had so much fun that night!. I first debuted my single “Dance Floor Diva” that night.

There was so much support all around. I had friends and fans from all over come and hang out to see my performance. We were VIP all night!

TF Mafia was in the building as well as world famous DJ Steven Zor and Vitaly Katz.

It was definitely a good night! We showed up in style with a stretch hummer limo and a caravan of vehicles.

I can’t wait for the next big event! We are going to do it even bigger!

To see more videos go to youtube.com/karinabradley

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December 17th, 2009


What a late night! I was in the studio late last night laying down my vocals for the remix to TF Mafia’s hit “Everybody Knows”. I was in the La Sala recording studio on 14th Street in East Village New York.

I want to send a special thanks to TF Mafia for showing up and staying late in the studio! We did not get home until 5 a.m.! Paulee Zance, Rab, SK Tha Don were great and offered some great tips on making sure this remix is hot!

It was a long night but we had a great time! We were acting silly, we order food, and we did what we do best… make great music!

I got like 3 hours of sleep and I was right back at it this morning at 8 a.m.

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December 16th, 2009

Hey Everyone,

I had a very productive weekend! I had the chance to catch up with long time friend Paulee Zance from TF Mafia. We covered a ton of things! Paulee has some great ideas for me. I cannot wait to roll out the next phase!

Paulee founded “Together Forever” in 1984 in Brooklyn New York, the Organization has made a serious mark on this world and I am so excited to be working with Zance.

I’m heading up to New York on Wednesday December 16th to record my part for the “Everybody Knows” remix track.

To see more of TF Mafia go to www.tfnyc.com, www.myspace.com/tfmafia, www.pauleezance.com

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December 10th, 2009


I am so excited. I just finalized my plans to go to New York City next week to record my vocals for the remix to TF Mafia’s single “Everybody Knows” featured on the album Bossilini.

This is not the first time I have worked with TF Mafia! TF Mafia was on set of the “Dance Floor Diva” music video for a special cameo. They also came to my major photo shoot in Philadelphia back in June.

I was also featured in TF Mafia’s MTV Commercial for their debut Album “Bossilini” as a model and dancer. TF Mafia artist are:

  • “Big Homey”, Rab
  • Paulee Zance
  • Po Stone
  • SK Tha Don

Stay tuned for the latest Karina Bradley updates! I have a lot going on! Big Plans!

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November 6th, 2009

I want to give a special shout out to my good friend and world famous DJ Steven Zor. DJ Steven Zor is another one of the talented people working on my music video “Dance Floor Diva”. DJ Steven Zor will be featured as my DJ in the music video.
DJ Steven Zor and I will be teaming up again for another hot performance. November 17th at Dusk in Atlantic City DJ Steven Zor will be on the turn tables while I perform my two hit songs “Dance Floor Diva” and “Damn, I Look Good” produced by world famous producer Larry Tee.
To see more of DJ Steven Zor check out my Youtube Channel, Flickr, and his Myspace.

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