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November 22nd, 2009



I had so much fun on the set of my debut music video “Dance Floor Diva”. The best part was all the different outfit changes and hair and makeup! These were just a few of the outfits my outfits that I wore during productions.

My team worked hard to find the hottest outfits! We went shopping all over to find the right wardrobe. We had outfits from all over the country. I personally went to Patricia Field’s boutique in New York City to find unique pieces to

Dance Floor Diva Karina Bradley Showing Off her Club Banger Outfit!

wear. What do you think of the diamond necklace and attached bracelets? Hot right? Patricia Field is a great designer! I will definitely shop at her store in the future.

My personal favorite was the Chubaka like outfit. I have never seen anything like this before! I want to give a special thanks to the Candy Store located in down town Philadelphia for custom making this outfit for me and my dancers!


The red catsuit was a big hit too. I felt like super woman in it! LOL! We picked this up from Patricia Field’s boutique in New York City.

To see more behind the scenes photos and videos go to, www.flickr.com and www.youtube.com

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November 12th, 2009

Patricia Field’s www.patriciafield.com shop in New York City has the hottest clothes around! My team and I went to Patricia Field’s shop to look for hot, one of a kind pieces for my upcoming music video “Dance Floor Diva”. We found some of the hottest pieces that I have ever seen.

I bought some of the most unique accessories and clothing! Make sure you look out for my MTV music video where I will be displaying these hot looks!

Patricia Field designed outfits in for Namie Amuro’s music videos for her three songs, as well as Anna Vissi’s music videos for Stin Pyra and Alitissa Psihi from her album Apagorevmeno.

Patricia Field has styled for shows like Sex and the City, Hope & Faith and Ugly Betty. Her film credits include The Devil Wears Prada. She even was nominated for an Oscar for Best Costume Design.

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